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Stories of Healing and Hope

Sharmen has walked through difficult times with many people. Read some of their stories of struggle

and their transformative healing below.

Client Testimonials

 At All Things New Counseling Services, LLC in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Sharmen has helped many individuals improve their overall mental health and well-being. Read some of their testimonials below.

“Right before graduating high school, my older brother passed away in a car accident. After two years of not taking responsibility for myself and my feelings, I decided to see Sharmen. I was an absolute mess; anxious, depressed and could not sit still. We started meeting weekly to try to combat some of the anxieties that I was feeling. It took me a little while to open up because I felt that there was a mountain of problems for me to face and I felt so overwhelmed trying to deal with them.

With the help of Sharmen, slowly but surely we started to tackle one problem at a time. She assured me that 'I wasn't crazy' though I constantly felt that I was. She had me read books and discuss with her about how I was feeling and ways to figure out how to deal with these big emotions.

She began a therapy small group for myself and a few other girls in the same age group where we could talk about the trials and tribulations we were feeling with college and with life. She made it such an incredibly safe environment for all of us to discuss things that we wouldn't have been able to, otherwise.

I have recommended many of my friends to see her because she is not the kind of therapist that just sits and listens to you talk, she does more than that. She wants to see everyone repair their broken pieces and live a successful and happy life. In more ways that one, she saved me. I can not imagine my college career without seeing her and her helping me make decisions that will better my life and better me as a person.”

-A Satisfied Client

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